More About Me

My story starts in Guatemala, where I was born.  I was blessed by being adopted by a family of three generations to live in Williamsburg.  My family being in construction has paved not only the community but built the strong foundation of which I was raised.  I am a graduate of Lafayette High School.  After graduating, I had the honor to serve a two-year mission to continue my goal of serving those in Central America.  While in Costa Rica I committed to learning another language to deepen my desire to serve and bring joy to those in need.  I have enjoyed using the skills I learned while in Costa Rica to support the Spanish speaking community by bridging the communication gap.  I have been afforded the chance to live away and come back to my hometown.  When it comes to moving and the stress that comes with it, I understand and can help.  I married my wife, who is a native of Williamsburg and over the past ten years we have been blessed with three beautiful children.  We have vested ourselves in the area and have chosen to raise our family here.  Over the past ten years of working as a Broker selling heavy equipment, I know that communication is the key to negotiating a multifaceted transaction.  I know firsthand the importance of staying organized and communicating to keep you informed on the journey of finding a new place to live.  I value the many professional and personal relationships I have developed over the years, and look forward to creating a new relationship with you in the future.  My goal is to assist clients in the process of buying and selling.  Allow me to walk you through this process by pathing the way into your next home.  Call or text me anytime 757-876-2032 or email,